Flowers and laughter, climbing all the way

——The 6th staff mountaineering competition

The annual employee mountaineering competition of President kikkoman zhenji foods co.,ltd. was held on May 11,2019 in fenglong mountain as scheduled. Nearly 400 employees and their immediate family members participated in the annual competition.

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The official start of the game at 8:30, to participate in this year’s climbing competition staff with general manager, deputy general manager, company executives, are each management department office staff, have different jobs such as sales, production staff, more include employee relations group of husband and wife, father and son (female), mother and daughter (son) file, and a family of three, regardless of gender, age, everybody face with joy, with passion.

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In the early summer, the pagoda trees in fenglong mountain are in full bloom, and the winding stone path under the shade of trees is full of trees. When the breeze blows, there will be fine flowers falling down. The sunshine, the fragrance of flowers, the singing of birds and the babbling water all make people relaxed and happy.

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Be with nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery.To be with loved ones, to enjoy the warmth of affection;Together with colleagues, experience the tacit understanding of the team;Be with yourself and feel the joy and progress of your body and mind.After the competition, 15 winners were selected.

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Integrating into nature, loving sports, advocating health and cultivating positive team spirit are the main purposes of outdoor activities organized by the company.Mountaineering activities, not only edify and hone the will, is one of the very popular staff activities.This year’s competition is over, so let’s look forward to more exciting outdoor activities in the coming year.

Post time: Jun-13-2020