Zhenji Soy Sauce(20kL FLEXITANK)

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Product name:  zhenji soy sauce

No GMO, pure soy sauce

Ingredient: Water, defatted soybean, wheat, salt.

Amino acid nitrogen (according to nitrogen)≥ 0.80g/100ml

Quality: First grade

Shelf life:  6 months  Stock in a shady and dry place in sealed.

Product feature: The aroma is rich, and the taste is delicious.

Usage: It is widely used in snacks, pickles, soy sauce powder, dressing sauce, roasted eels, barbecue sauce, roasted meat sauce, frozen foods, the seasoning and salting of meat products.

Specification:  20kL Flexitank

Nutrition Information

Serving size: 15mL        NRV%

Energy          49kJ      1%

Protein          1.3g      2%

Fat               0g      0%

Carbohydrate     0.7g      0%

Sodium        973mg     49%

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