Fight the epidemic, show love, protect people’s livelihood — – zhenji is in action

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Recently, under the leadership of the party and the state, the whole society has been involved in the new coronavirus war.This sudden outbreak has touched the hearts of everyone. From the central government to the local government, we are working closely to raise funds and take active actions.Series President kikkoman zhenji foods co., LTD in line with the business philosophy which contribute to the development of the society, to fulfill social responsibility actively, on March 4, 2020, in the county ministry and bureau of health related personnel, to donate one hundred thousand yuan to zhao country Red Cross to support the fight against COVID – 19 outbreak, given their own a love, a responsibility, a force.

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The donation certificate

Seasoning is a product related to people’s livelihood. As a local seasoning manufacturer in Shijiazhuang city, President kikkoman zhenji foods co., ltd. knows that it is our Obligatory duty and glorious mission to fight the epidemic and protect people’s livelihood.Our company actively follows the government regulations on the prevention and control of novel coronavirus, and understands and grasps the health status of each employee in detail, strictly manages and thoroughly disinfects them.Under the premise of fully ensuring safety and health, resume work and production, ensure material supply, strive to coordinate logistics and distribution, and deliver safe and healthy products to every consumer.

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We are confident that under the leadership and strong command of the government, we will pull through this difficult period.Our company will actively respond to the government’s call, ready to make contributions to the society at any time, and will as always adhere to the business philosophy: to achieve consumer-oriented;Safe and hygienic production of high quality products;In the realization of staff spiritual and material double happiness at the same time, for the development of society.

Post time: Jun-13-2020